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Frequently Asked Questions
  Drag/Strip Questions
1    Are drag tires street legal?
2    What is the largest drag tire I can put under my car?
3    What is the approved rim range for Mickey Thompson slicks?
4    How much will a Mickey Thompson drag slick grow?
5    How do I measure a drag tire for proper fitment?
6    Does Mickey Thompson offer slicks in different compounds?
7    What is the advantage to running a stiff sidewall tire? If there is no stiff sidewall slick in my size what can I do to stiffen the sidewall of my slick?
8    Do I have to run tubes in my slicks?
9    What size tube should I run in my drag tire?
10    What size hole do I need in my wheel to accommodate Mickey Thompson racing tubes?
11    If I have a wide race wheel with the valve stem hole close to the outside flange will my Mickey Thompson racing tube still work?
12    I have a soft spot on the sidewall of my drag tire, and I have tubes, what is causing this?
13    Should I use rim screws with Mickey Thompson slicks?
14    Should my Mickey Thompson slicks be balanced?
15    How much air pressure should I run in my Mickey Thompson slicks?
16    What kind of burnout is recommended with Mickey Thompson slicks?
17    Are Mickey Thompson drag slicks directional?
18    Should Mickey Thompson slicks be rotated side to side?
19    How do I get maximum performance out of my Mickey Thompson slicks?
20    Should I use traction compound (VHT) on Mickey Thompson slicks?
21    How long will my Mickey Thompson drag slicks last?
22    What is the best way to store Mickey Thompson drag slicks over the winter?
23    Are Mickey Thompson front drag tires tubeless?
24    What kind of warranty is offered on Mickey Thompson drag tires?
  Truck/Off-Road Questions
1    What are the differences between a radial and a bias belted tire?
2    What are some benefits of using a radial tire?
3    What are some benefits of using a bias tire?
4    How large of a tire will fit on my vehicle with no modifications?
5    Why would I choose to use a wide tire? Why would I choose a narrow tire?
6    The Sidebitersidewall on the Mickey Thompson Baja tires are unique in their appearance. What functions do they serve?
7    What is the load range on a specific tire?
8    What is the maximum weight it should take to balance my tire?
9    Why do some tires wear so fast and unevenly?
10    What is the best way to maintain maximum performance from my tires?
11    How often should Mickey Thompson tires be rotated?
12    What is the best rotation pattern?
13    What kind of warranty is on my Mickey Thompson tires?
  Truck Wheels Questions
1    Why are the bolts on the Classic Lock wheel different?
2    What are Mickey Thompson wheels load rated at?
3    What size wheels fit on a specific sized tire?
4    Will Mickey Thompson 16 wheels work on a vehicle that originally came with 16.5 wheels?
5    How do I measure the width of a wheel?
6    What is wheel backspace?
7    What is wheel offset?
8    Can I order a custom backspace and bolt circle on a Mickey Thompson wheel?
9    What type of lug nuts should be used with Mickey Thompson wheels? What (ft. lbs.) do I torque my Mickey Thompson wheels to?
10    What is the best way to clean and maintain the polished finish on Mickey Thompson wheels?
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