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Danny Thompson Sets Speed Record In a 2008 E85 Mustang At The Bonneville Salt Flats On Mickey Thompson Tires

Stow, OH - 09/04/08 - Danny Thompson, son of legendary racer, inventor and tire manufacturer Mickey Thompson, established a new speed record of 252 MPH in a production-based 2008 E85 Mustang on Mickey Thompson Bonneville Land Speed tires. In cooperation with Ford Racing and Hajek Motorsports, the speed test took place during the Annual Bonneville Speed Week in August this year on the 40th anniversary of Mickey Thompson’s historic run in a 1969 Mustang at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. Back in 1968, Mickey Thompson set 297 national and international speed and endurance records in Ford Mustang’s on the salt.

“When we first got there, we just wanted to get out there and see what we could do with this FT-500c 2008 Mustang and hoped we could establish the E85 record”, said Danny Thompson. “We did accomplish having the world’s fastest E85 production-based Mustang, and actually made a pass out the back door at 252 miles per hour.”

Danny is dedicated to continuing his father’s legendary work in racing and hopes to break the internal combustion wheel-driven land speed record at Bonneville in his fathers’ custom built Challenger 2 Ford Autolite Streamliner.

“This is all leading up to running that Streamliner that my dad built in 1968”, continued Thompson. “I want to come back to the salt and break that 417 mile per hour record, and ultimately the 458 mile per hour record. 500 miles per hour is pretty lofty, but it sure is a nice number, and is the ultimate goal.”

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