Go anywhere: Mickey Thompson’s new experimental tire is designed to tackle any terrain

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels is developing a new, off-road use only tire designed to traverse even the most extreme terrain that today’s rock bouncing and mud bogging enthusiasts encounter.

October 29th, 2018

The experimental Baja Pro X tire is on track to be the most aggressive off-road tire ever released by the company, and will join its comprehensive line up of truck and SUV tires including the popular Deegan 38, Baja MTZ p3 and Baja ATZ p3.

The Baja Pro X is for off-road use only, due in part to new design elements such as the sticky compound and innovative Treadbiter™ cleats which make the tire too aggressive for street use. While still in development, the Baja Pro X model takes Mickey Thompson’s proven off-road tires to new heights with exclusive attributes and durability not found anywhere else. The size used for development is a 43X14.50-17LT.

Features include:

• Sticky compound provides the ultimate grip on hard surfaces.
• Pro-Tech Construction™ adds extra flexabilty while maintaining durability.
• Dual Decoupling Grooves™ provide additional flexibility on irregular surfaces.
• Treadbiter™ cleats provide extra biting edges across the tread for added traction.
• Serrated tread-regions indicate where pattern can be hand cut to allow for additional mud and loose surface traction while maintaining lateral stability & grip
• Mud scoops supply added cleaning power.
• Massive Sidebiters® and angled shoulder scallops provide the ultimate traction and grip.
• Symmetric directional tread pattern provides excellent traction and cleaning power.

“We designed the Baja Pro X for extreme outdoor use: rock bouncing, mud bogging, deep mud, rock, snow, sand, dirt and gravel,” said Jason Moulton, Senior Product Development Manager for Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels. “They can handle it all—and probably a few uses we haven’t even thought of yet.”

Mickey Thompson was an innovator and product pioneer who developed the first 35-inch-tall truck tire for off-road use. He created “tread-on-the-sidewall” tires for traction and pulling power in extreme conditions. Today, Mickey Thompson’s off-road tires are developed and designed with uncompromising standards and deliver undisputed performance.

To learn more about the Baja Pro X, contact: Ben Anderson at 800-222-9092 ext. 3120