Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss first to feature new sidewall construction

Prepare to dominate the trail with the new Baja Boss 3-ply Extreme Mud tire line, coming March 2019.


Prepare to dominate the trail with the new Baja Boss 3-ply Extreme Mud tire line from Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, coming March 2019.

Aggressive, in-your-face styling meets serious trail performance in an ultra-premium Extreme Mud Terrain tire that features deep, wide voids and the company’s new PowerPly XD 3-ply sidewall construction for maximum traction in hostile environments.

The PowerPly XD takes the original PowerPly’s angled third ply and adds 50 percent extra denier cord to provide even greater puncture resistance, improved handling and quicker steering response.

“We’re pleased to unleash the Baja Boss for the most demanding off-road applications,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels. “With additional sizes for today’s leveled and lifted truck applications, the Baja Boss is an aggressive, high-impact tire that definitely ups the cool factor of any 4x4.”

The asymmetrical tread pattern design gives the Baja Boss the look and feel of an off-road beast, reduces noise, improves handling and on-center feel, and decreases side-slip. The next generation four-pitch Sidebiters® are 50 percent larger than any previous Mickey Thompson radial, providing unparalleled off-road traction.

Other features include:

• Deep & Wide Voids: Enhance off-road traction and forward bite with a functional, aggressive appearance.
• Stone Ejector Ribs: Prevent stones being wedged into tread grooves, reduce stone retention and help resist stone drilling.
• Angled Shoulder Scallops: Designed for ultimate traction and self-cleaning ability, they guide mud and loose soil out of the tread pattern with exposed trailing elements for larger biting edges.
• Mud Scoops: Provide a concave surface for mud traction and help create a void to prevent mud from clinging to the elements.
• Silica-Reinforced Compound: Provides on-road tread wear, cut and chip resistance, and improved wet handling and braking performance.
• Black Sidewall Lettering: Deep embossed and chamfered.

“With aggressive sizing and load ranges developed for today’s popular and extreme leveled/lifted applications, the Baja Boss is ready for any adventure,” Warner notes. “Off-roaders are going to fall in love with this tire’s looks, performance and adaptability to any terrain.”

The Baja Boss, which received two Global Media Awards at SEMA 2018, will be available in 18 high load-carrying capacity sizes from 17 to 24 inches for a variety of light truck and SUV models—with 18 additional sizes coming later.

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels is currently taking orders for the Baja Boss for March shipment.

Visit http://mickeythompsontires.com for more information.