ET Street S/S and the ET Street R:

Our ET Street S/S is designed for street and strip use however it is geared toward the enthusiast that spends more time on the street than the track. The compound is derived from our race winning products allowing for quick, consistent performance at the track. The steel belted radial construction and tread pattern allow make the ET Street S/S at home on the street and mild wet conditions.

While the ET Street S/S works well at the track, the ET Street R is the next level in track performance. It uses the same compound and construction technology used in our record setting ET Street Radial Pro. Giving up some of the street manners to the ET Street S/S, the ET Street R is geared toward the person who mainly goes to the track with occasional street use. Whether the need is driving to the track to avoid a trailer and swapping tires, or just taking the race car to the local cruise –in, the ET Street R provides the ultimate traction for a DOT race tire that can be driven on the street.