Maintaining M/T Classic III Wheels


M/T Classic III wheels are not clear or powder coated. This means that the end user must maintain their wheels to preserve that “out of the box” look. There is no warranty on the finish on M/T Classic II wheels, so it is important that you take the time to keep your wheels looking good. The follow procedures will help you.

Rim Details:

  • Only wash your wheels with mild soap and water, then hand dry with a soft towel. Some commercial wheel cleaners and soaps, both for home use and at car washes, use acid or caustic chemicals and will damage the wheels. Wash as often as needed to remove brake dust and road dirt and grime before it accumulates on your wheels.
  • When you first get your wheels and at least after every second wash you should wax them with a wax developed for custom wheels. This will help seal the pores and prevent corrosion.
  • In areas where salt or sand is used on the roads in the winter, the wheels should be removed and stored until winter ends.
  • If corrosion has occurred on your wheels there are several off the shelf products that will help to restore the factory finish. Another option is to use 000 steel wool and WD40 to remove the corrosion, washing, and then polishing the wheel to restore their luster.

With just a little bit of effort on your part you will keep your wheels looking like new for years to come.