Mickey Thompson Drag Slick Compound and Burnout Specification Sheet

Revised 8/22/23


The compound number can be found in the serial number on each tire.
EXAMPLE: CY1J M5 FJ087 M5-Compound code.

Mickey Thompson tires are compounded by size and application. The following points are general application suggestions. Mickey Thompson is not responsible for misapplications.

The catalog number suffix indicates a construction, size or compound enhancement for particular applications.

R = Radial construction
M = Motorcycle
C = FWD / Sport Compact
ST= Suggested for manual transmission (Medium compound – M5)
W= Extra tread width (please note actual tread and section width on spec sheet)
S= Stiff sidewall construction. Recommended for 4 link suspension cars, heavy cars (over 3000lb.), and “soft ride” Rear Engine Dragsters. Can aid in quicker reaction times due to less tire distortion.


 X5   M5   L6     R2   R1   X8   L8          L7        L4        L2

L2 – For Jr. Dragsters.
L4 – For Dragsters, lightweight vehicles and vehicles without rear suspension.
L6 – Good for High Horsepower - Boosted Applications
L7 – For motorcycles.
L8 – Good compound for general use.

M5 – Good compound for general use.

X5 – Cooler running version of M5.  
X8 – Cooler running version of L8.

R1 – Special Compound for ET Drag Radial.
R2 – Special Compound for ET Street Radial.


The length of your burnout will be dictated primarily by the ambient and track conditions. The hotter the temperatures, the shorter the burnout. When the temps get cool, a longer burnout will be necessary. Ideally you want the tire temp to be within 15 degrees of the track temperature on the launch. When the track temps exceed 120 degrees, it is always best to keep your tire temps on the lower side. Here are some additional tips for maximizing the performance of your M/T racing tires.

  1. First pass of the day will be your longest. After that follow the guidelines of #2 and #3 stated below.
  2. Automatic transmissions and Bias tires with Softer compounds: First pass or two, fairly hard burnout relative to ambient conditions. After that a light burnout should be sufficient.
  3. Standard transmission and Radial tires: Typically shorter burnouts are better. A light burnout, enough to haze the tires, then stage immediately.
  4. No dry hops. This does nothing to improve traction, and in some cases can have a negative effect.